The time to show your lodge is the best in the section draws near.  What does that mean?  Indian handball, dodgeball, and other competitions will pit lodges against each other while they vie for conclave glory.  In April, youth Arrowmen will compete as a lodge.  Run.  Lift.  Train.  Do whatever is necessary to prepare for this year's competitions!


  1. The main point of the game is to score as many points as you possibly can.
  2. No tackling!!
  3. If the ball is dropped, continue playing like soccer until someone kicks it back up above the knee.
  4. You can throw or kick the ball through the goal.
  5. When crowded, you can tuck, making everyone move away at arms length.
  6. Stay inside the cones.


  1. If you step over midcourt, you are automatically out.
  2. If you get hit in the head, you will not be out.
  3. If you catch a ball the thrower will be out, and a player from your team is back in.
  4. Everyone who is out must stay in a single file line outside the court.
  5. In the event of a one-on-one battle for the win, if there is no winner after one minute of play, the center line is dissolved and the game continues with no boundaries.


  1. Create two even teams.
  2. Each team is on one side of the rope.
  3. Try to tug the other team across the line.

Giant-Glove Boxing

  1. To knock your opponent’s hat off of their head.
  2. Stay inside the circle.
  3. Cowboy hat must be worn correctly.
  4. Aim for their hat, not their face.


  1. To knock your opponent off of their balance board using your jousting stick.
  2. Stand on board correctly.
  3. Cannot hold or steal your opponents jousting stick.
  4. If any part of you or your jousting stick touches the ground, your opponent gets a point.